Zuhafa T4 Review: Portable Camera Drone Under $100 for Beginners

Zuhafa T4

As we continue in our mission to provide you with exclusive review on drones making headlines this year, our attention was caught by a very lovely product whose qualities and beauty are too good to be ignored.

Having made intense research about this drone, we decide to come up with this write-up in order to let you know the product you should go for when next you’re willing to add a new drone to your collection.

Which Drone Are We Talking About?

The drone is known as the Zuhafa T4. It doesn’t require much introduction because it is a popular product among experts and experienced drone flyers who have been in the industry for a long time. Zuhafa T4 is a foldable drone created not too long ago, and it’s a product with so many features.

Are you the type of person who is more concerned about drone’s beauty, or you’re only interested in drone’s durability? Are you a beginner who is interested in affordable drone or a beginner who aims to have an enjoyable first-time droning experience, or You are an expert who wants a unique flying experience?

If you find yourself in any of the categories above, then, Zuhafa T4 is a must-have product for you as it possesses all the features and qualities you’re looking for in a classic or professional drone.

Why You Should Get Zuhafa T4 Drone

1. Its Attractive Design and Appearance

This product is known for its beauty and gorgeous appearance. Zuhafa T4 comes in different colors, thereby giving you the chance to go for any colour of your choice.

The presence of ABS plastic helps in improving the product’s durability. The strong ABS plastic helps the product to remain compact, even if it is involved in few crashes. This is why many users often testify to its longevity and lengthy lifespan.

The possession of LED lights, which are located at the bottom of every motor arm, didn’t just aid the drone’s visuality, but also add more beauty to the drone, especially at night or twilight hours. The LED lights further makes the drone looks more catchy to bystanders and spectators.

Finally, the Zuhafa T4 drone is a foldable and portable product, keeping it after use won’t be a problem as you can fold it into its box.

2. Great Flight Performance

This is one of the features that attract many drone flyers. This camera drone has a very laudable flight performance, and below are some of the factors that enhance the product’s efficiency while it’s in the sky:

  • Strong Battery Life: This drone comes with 2 modularized Li-Po batteries of 1800mAh capacity, and each of them can last for 20 minutes in the sky if fully charged before use. What this means is that you can fly your drone for 40 minutes as long as the two batteries are readily available.
  • A 6-axis Gyroscope System: This is an in-built feature that helps the drone maintain its balance while flying in the sky. With this feature, the drone can ignore every possible effect of change in air, in order to maintain its stability while on air.

In addition, the 6-axis gyroscope also helps the drone to take high quality pictures and photos as it ensures that change in motion and shaking of the camera while taking pictures are ineffective.

  • An In-built Optical Flow: This feature serves almost the same function as the 6-axis Gyroscope. This is because it equally ensures drone’s stability while flying. However, Optical flow carries out this function by revoking negative effect of unhealthy air pressure on the drone, thereby, ensuring that the product maintains steady height.
  • Awesome Aerial Flip Enhancements: This is another factor that will surely make you want to fly the drone at all time. Just like some top-rated DJI products, the Zuhafa T4 drone can perform a 360-degree aerial flip to impress spectators or bystanders.
  • Built-in Three-Speed Adjustment Level: This part of the drone ensures that beginners doesn’t encounter any challenge while flying the Zuhafa T4 as you are completely in charge of the product’s speed.

You can go for the slowest speed in order to learn the craft or avoid crashes. You can also explore the highest speed level if you are an expert flyer.

3. It Is Easy To Control

This drone is very easy to control as it comes with a highly responsive remote controller. You can also control the product via your body gesture and your smartphone. This further buttresses the fact that inexperienced drone flyers won’t have difficulty controlling the Zuhafa T4 camera drone.

You can equally create a flight route or path that the drone must follow, even without using the remote controller. This can be done via the app on your smartphone.

4. Multiple Alarm Systems

Knowing well that the drone can run out of battery while flying (which can endanger the product’s durability), Zuhafa company added a battery low alarm system to the product’s features. The drone will give a loud warning sound as soon as the battery becomes too low to stay up in the sky.

In the same vein, the drone will also give a loud sound if it gets to an unrecognized destination or a height where its remote controller can hardly function. You’re expected to press the ‘return home’ button on the remote controller to bring it back to you. This means that the risk of losing your drone is very low.

5. Two Smart Cameras

The Zuhafa T4 drone has a 1080P HD camera at the front. It also possesses a 720P bottom camera as both cameras function together to provide quality pictures and video. With these two cameras, you can record video of any type, and you can view live(real-time) aerial footages via your smartphone.


  • It supports four languages including Chinese, German, French and English. So, language is never a barrier.
  • Altitude hold, headless mode, and emergency stop are all available to make flying easy and enjoyable.
  • It’s affordable


  • Just like many drones, flying in a windy area is not advisable.

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