Visuo XS809S Review: An Affordable Foldable Drone Under $50

Visuo XS809S Review

It has been fun reviewing most of the highly-rated drones making headlines this year from HS700 Ophelia Drone Holy Stoneto DJI Mavic 2 Air Drone and i believe you’ve gotten at least one product from the ones we’ve discussed so far.

If you haven’t bought your own drone because you weren’t impressed with the quality of the drones we have discussed already, here is another product for you: The Visuo XS809S.

This drone is a mouth-watering product that has so many beginner-friendly attributes and features. It equally provides experts the avenue to showcase their drone-racing skills and potentials in huge way.

It’s a foldable drone with awesome speed level adjustment, effective remote controller, laudable durability, durable battery life, attractive and good-looking design, sharp camera and mind-blowing alarm system.

Despite all of these listed features, the Visuo XS809S drone has a relatively low price tag as it could gotten without breaking the bank or causing harm to your financial budget for the year.

Features of the Visuo XS809S Drone

Good-looking And Attractive Design:

This Visuo XS809S drone is so attractive that it will capture the attention of everyone who sees it from afar.

Its hull body frame is covered with a black coating, which gives it a very welcoming appearance. An in-built red LED light at the front of the drone add more class and beauty to the product, while the presence of four green LED lights enhance its visual potentials at night.

Its Shark-like shape enhances its stability and edibility while flying in the sky. However, the shape does not prevent you from taking it to anywhere of your choice because the product consists of foldable motor arms that can be folded into very small sizes. In short, you can compare this product to the legendary DJI Mavic Pro clones in terms of design and beauty.

Sharp and Effective HD 720P Camera:

What’s the essence of having a drone without an effective or sharp camera feature? Absolute useless right?

Having this in mind, the manufacturers of the Visuo XS809S made sure that this drone has a lovely camera that can capture high-quality pictures, and can record awesome videos.

In a nut shell, the Visuo XS809S drone consists of an HD 2MP (720p) camera, and your smartphone can be connected to the camera in order to view a real-time video recorded by the flying drone. You are definitely going to have a memorable experience piloting this product in the sky.

Speed Level Adjustment:

This feature puts you in charge of the speed with which it operates. It consists of three speed adjustable levels as you can choose whether to fly at a very high speed as an expert. You can fly at a medium or very low speed as an up-and-coming drone lobbyist who is learning the trade.

Durable Battery Life:

The quadcopter comes with a durable and upgraded Li-Po battery. This battery can last for 18 minutes in the sky as long as it is fully charged before you start it. The modularized battery now has the ability to reduce overheating while charging. It also has all it takes to prevent frequent discharge of power. Meanwhile, you can get extra battery that will complement the initial one from the manufacturing company.

User-friendly or Easy-to-use Features:

You can call it ‘user-friendly features’ or ‘easy-to-use features,’ the bottom line is that the quadcopter is very easy to use as it consists of many beginner-friendly functions. These functions make it easy to fly this product as a first-time flyer. They include the following:

  • A. Altitude Hold Function, which ensures that the drone overcomes every negative effect of change in air pressure while flying in the sky.
  • B. Automatic Takeoff and Landing Functions, which gives you the option to start your drone with just one press of the button. The drone will then return on its own as soon it reaches its set time limit in the sky.
  • C. Return To Home and Headless Mode: Both functions work together to ensure that your drone is safe as it will return home as soon as it reaches maximum flight height or unknown destination.


This is not a product that will destroy in less than a year because it is made with quality materials that can stand the test of time. However, it is very important you avoid crashing it on too many occasions as it could lead to loss of strength and quality in the long run.

Effective Remote Controller:

This is the feature I can’t fail to mention because it is a very important component of the Visuo XS809S quadcopter.

The remote controller looks more like an Xbox 360 controller, and it is simple to use. With this controller, you can regulate the drone’s movement, altitude and rotation as you only need to press the required buttons.

The remote controller consists of a mount holder — a spot where you can insert your smartphone without stress in order to monitor the drone’s performance. It will interest you to know that the Visuo XS809S drone will only respond to your command if it is 100meters away from the remote controller.


  • It’s extremely cheap and affordable.
  • It can carry out multiple functions just as we’ve mentioned.


  • According to a verified remark from user user, the drone doesn’t fly in a small open environment or indoor. This means you need a large field before you can have a lively droning experience.
  • It is said that the product doesn’t have a direction for use (user’s manual), which is very unusual.

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