UFO 4000 Mini Drone Review: Best Drone Under $50 For Kids (2023)

UFO 4000 Mini Drone Review

UFO 4000 Mini Drone Review: Best Drone Under $50 For Kids (2020)

Are your children eager to fly a drone in the sky but you haven’t gotten them one because of the pricey tags on most modern-day drones? You won’t have to deny your children the chance of owning a drone anymore after reading this article. This is because we’re set to unveil one of the cheapest and most reliable drones you can come across in 2020.

This drone is known for its easy-to-use ability. So, it is the best drone for your little kids whose dream is to fly a drone before the end of this year. Enough of the introduction and suspense, let’s get down to business of the day.

Which Drone Are We Talking About?

The UFO 4000 Mini Drone is currently one of the most talked-about drones in the world, thanks to its affordability, accessibility, attractiveness and other mind-blowing features. It is a small-sized product that can be controlled perfectly by little kids as it is very responsive to its remote controller.

As much as there are other drones that can be gotten at relatively cheap price, the UFO 400 Mini Drone is in the class of its own as a result of its unrivaled quality performances.

Features Of The Drone

1. It Is Affordable

Many drone lovers are often restricted from buying some drones because of their expensive natures, but that’s not the case with this product.

UFO 400 Mini Drone is in the category of cheapest products you can ever see in the market. According to Amazon’s price tag, this product can be bought for as low as $50 or less.

You can go ahead with your plan to buy your kids this drone because UFO 400 Mini Drone is a budget-friendly product, and one that won’t cause you any financial constraint.

2. Possession Of Lovely Built-in LED Lights

This feature makes the UFO 400 Mini Drone highly compatible with your kids as the light will provide them with comfortable and pleasant flying experience.

The in-built LED light consists of three shining colours, including green, blue and white. They have a very awesome display routine which makes them very attractive to all bystanders.

3. It Is Made Quality ABS Plastic

Apart from the built-in LED light, the drone is equally known for the presence of quality ABS plastic which enhances its durability and ability to stand the test of time.

This ABS plastic didn’t just add to the drone’s quality, it equally increases its compactness and overall performance. According to a customer’s review, the ABS plastic won’t be destroyed even if it got crashed on three occasions.

4. It Possesses An In-built Two-speed Factor

This feature is one of the major reasons why inexperienced or amateur drone flyers often choose the UFO 400 Mini Drone ahead of other products. With this feature, up-and-coming drone flyers have the opportunity to learn the craft by flying the drone at a very slow speed. This gives them the opportunity to learn everything on how to control a flying drone without a crash or accident.

That’s not all, this feature equally allows you fly the product at very high speed as an expert. You can decide to go for slow speed or a very high speed — it depends on your choice and level of expertise.

4. Attractive Design

It will be unfair to ignore the product’s attractive design. The drone consists of a very beautiful, simple and unique artwork that makes it look awesome to owners and bystanders.

5. It is Portable

The UFO 400 mini drone has a small size, which allows it to sit comfortably on your two palms. Its portable size and shape make it one of the best drones for your kids as they don’t require too much strength carry it around (if need be)


1. It Possesses Wonderful Flight Speed

Its portability enhances its ability to move faster in the sky as it is very light in weight. Furthermore, it consists of multiple speed levels to choose from. You shouldn’t expect something less.

2. It’s well-packed With Only Needed Tools

Unlike some drones that has too many (unimportant) tools in their package, the UFO 400 Mini Drone comes in a well-packed box that consists of only important tools.

The box contains the drone itself, a remote controller, two Li-Po batteries, a USB charging cable, four propellers and a user’s manual which directs users on how to maximally utilize the product.

3. Extra Battery For Longer Flying Period

The drone’s initial battery, which comes with the product from the company, is expected to power 14 minutes of flight. Luckily, there is an extra battery that could last for another 14 minutes of flight, meaning you have 28 minutes to enjoy your quadcopter in the sky.

4. Presence Of Headless Mode Guarantees High Responsiveness

Though the drone isn’t known for too many modes to explore, it surely possesses an headless mode, which allows it to yield to instruction in no time. This mode gives you the total control over the drone as it improves the product’s responsiveness to any instruction you give to it via its effective remote controller.


1. No Professional-grade Camera

The product’s major shortcoming is that it doesn’t possess a professional-grade camera. This means you can’t be guaranteed of taking clear and high-quality pictures while flying.

Our Final Verdict

As much as this product is affordable and readily available on Amazon, you should know that it’s only suitable for child’s purpose and it’s for beginners.

As an expert drone flyer, you will have to look elsewhere for a product that will suit their tastes and your urge to carry out multiple functions in the sky.

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