Top 8 Best Affordable Drones Like DJI Mavic Pro Clones

Best Affordable Drones

Top 8 Best Affordable Drones Like DJI Mavic Pro Clones

The DJI Mavic Pro Clones drones are definitely one of the best drones you can ever come across in the world right now due to their qualities and features. However, we can’t deny the fact that there are other drones with great qualities that can be classified in the same category with the highly-rated DJI Mavic Pro clones.

Apart from the fact that these drones are of great designs and qualities, they are cheaper and more affordable than the Mavic Pro clones.

You can purchase most of these drones for or less than $100 and you can be rest assured that you’re getting long-lasting and very effective drones.

Having said that, it will be improper if I fail to reveal some of the best drones that fall into this category. This is why I have decided to compile a list of eight drones that can be as effective as the Mavic DJI Pro clones.

Top 8 Best Drones Like DJI Mavic Pro Clones

The list consists of names, reviews, and reasons why they are considered as perfect alternatives to the DJI Mavic Pro Clones. We’ve had enough for the introduction, let’s get down to business as we unveil the list below:

  • Eachine E58
  • ScharkSpark Thunder FQ35
  • VISUO XS809W
  • ATTOP XT-1
  • SG900 Foldable Drone
  • Atoyscasa FPV Drone
  • Snaptain A15 Drone
  • Visuo XS812 GPS Drone

1. The Eachine E58

This drone has the potentials and qualities needed to be ranked in the same category with the ever-reliable DJI Mavic Pro Clones. It is a foldable drone, and it can travels far above the ground level. It consists of a motor arm that can be folded into small size and shape.


  • Captivating Design : It is known for its wonderful and catchy designs. The design makes it looks more like a real plane while flying in the sky.
  • Fast Speed: Eachine E58 drone has a very high speed and can cover many kilometers in few minutes. To enjoy this feature, you are advised to switch the drone to the speed mode through its remote control system.
  • High Light Resistivity: This drone isn’t affected by any ray of light (sunlight) while flying in the sky. This is as a result of its speed mode feature. Apart from its high resistance to light, it equally has huge strength to withstand stormy wind.
  • It Is Full Of Tricks: The Eachine E58 drone boasts of multiple tricks in order to impress observers. One of the tricks that can be performed by the drone is known as the 3D flip.
  • User-friendly Remote Controller: Controlling the product has been made simple, thanks to its easy-to-use remote controller.

Every button of the remote has a short inscription used in describing its functions as a way to help first-time flyers.

  • Ultimate Battery Protection Against Overheating: Another reason why you should go for this drone is its battery efficiency. Though the battery doesn’t last long like the Mavic Pro clones, it can stay for more than nine minutes — 100m above the ground — in the sky. The battery has maximum protection against overheating, thanks to its modularized nature.


  • * Battery can’t stand the test of time as it can only power a 9-minute flight. As a result, you are advised to get an extra battery if you must enjoy the drone to the fullest.

2. The ScharkSpark Thunder FQ35:

This is one of the fastest-growing drones so far this decade as it is winning the trust of many drone enthusiasts and lovers. Developed by U.S.-based company SharkSpark, the Thunder FQ35 drone is a foldable drone with laudable features and ability to perform multiple tasks.

Its sleekness and unique design make it one of the most attractive drones you can come across in the world as at the time of this article. Talking of design, this drone has a hull body which has a yellow insignia at the top.


  • Massive Speed :It has a very speedy pace, thanks to its brush-less motors. It can equally can go a very long height and distance due to its powerful propulsion.
  • Swift Response To Your Commands: Another important feature of this product is its swift response to control. This feature enhances its ability to give-in to your command in less than a minute.
  • Easy-to-use Remote Controller: You can make the Sharkspark FQ35 drone can carry out different functions and actions, all you need to do is just make use of your remote controller. Using the remote controller is a very effective way to command the drone to carry out your orders. With this remote, you can switch the drone into a speed mode where it will display its awesome speed. Headless mode; altitude hold function; automatic landing and automatic take-off are also part of the commands you can give to the drone using the effective remote controller.
  • Capture Video and Pictures: The ScharkSpark FQ35 drone can also capture pure images. It can as well record videos with clear pictures and audible sounds. However, you will need to connect the drone to your smartphone via its designated application to enjoy this awesome function.
  • Elongated Battery Life: This drone has an elongated battery life that can stand the test of time. That’s not all, there is also a bonus battery that can be utilized, should the initial battery get low.


This drone deservedly made the list because of its inexpensive nature and its highly effective features. It is regarded as the best drone for beginners because it is extremely easy to control, and it is very affordable and facile to get.


  • It Enhances HD Video Recording Resolution: With this product, you can record a very clear video in HD format. This is because it consists of a 2MP camera which supports laudable HD resolution setting. The camera also consists of a wide-angle lens, thereby, producing quality images.
  • Popular Remote Controller: This is one of the features that make the product very popular among drone experts and lobbyists. The remote controller is easy to use, and it is very potable as it has a shape of a Xbox One controller.
  • It Performs Diverse Tasks or Functions: Just like the two drones listed above, you can accomplish multiple tasks with the VISUO XS809W. It can perform 3D flips, fly up to 100m above the ground level, switch to automatic landing or headless mode. It can also take off automatically, if that’s what you want.


According to one of customer’s reliable comments, its stationary camera is one of its shortcomings as it doesn’t aid beginner’s growth.


Fourth on the list is the highly-rated ATTOP XT-1 drone which looks more like the Eachine E58 in terms of design and structure. It is one of the rare foldable drones that can record aerial footage in HD format.


  • It Is Recommended To Every Beginner: This drone is created for every amateur drone pilot who hasn’t mastered the business. This is because it’s very easy to use or control.
  • It’s Durable: Its durability is another reason why you should consider buying the product. It is very firm and durable enough to stand the test of time. It is made with ABS Plastic, which ensures that it possesses tough strength against crashes.

Other features (or pros) of the drone include 2MP camera, great design, Li-Po battery and diverse modes.

5. 5900 Foldable Drone

This is an upgrade to all the drones listed above as it consists of GPS. This is an advanced GPS drone whose price tag remains very cheap and affordable.


  • Its 1080p HD Camera Guarantees Quality Image And Video: This drone is known for its ability to produce quality image and sharp videos, thanks to its 1080p HD camera. You don’t need to struggle for quality pictures anymore, just allow the camera to capture your images for you.
  • Amazing Durability: When it comes to durability and longevity, the 5900 foldable drone is next to the DJI Mavic Pro Clones because it can stand the test of time. The combo of ABS plastic and tough metals further strengthens the drone.
  • GPS Map For Directions: There is a GPS Map that will direct you while flying the drone. With the Map, there is a reduced chance of experiencing loss of drones or crash.
  • Perfect Flight Control:The presence of an in-built GPS module also serves as a source of stability to the drone. This is because the GPS allows the drone to interact with the satellite for more positional strength. The more the drone attains better positional strength, it becomes more stable, which aids its movement in the sky.
  • It Possesses Great Resistance Against Wind: The 5900 foldable drone has a very strong resistance against wind and other climatic factors that could act against its movement in the air.

However, you need to activate the speed mode to enhance the drone’s resistivity against wind, and also increase its average speed.


  • Unclear Aerial Footage: This is one of its shortcomings. This product doesn’t have a clear or sharp aerial footage as it doesn’t contain an in-built gimbal system.
  • It Has a Bulky Structure: Only a few drone enthusiasts want a bulky product because it could prevent fast movement and overall effectiveness.

6. Atoyscasa FPV Drone

Here is another drone that is gaining ground among drones lovers — either expert or amateur. Launched late last year, the brand new Atoyscasa FPV drone is one of the cheapest drones in town. Its user-friendly design, in-depth guidelines for beginners and awesome features are definitely some of the reasons why most people are falling in love with it.


  • It Comes With Extra Battery: The Atoyscasa FPV drone package comes with an extra battery which compliments the initial battery. This means the drone can cover more spaces and heights as a result of the added battery.
  • Simple But Awesome Design:Though the drone isn’t known for its sophisticated design, its simple design is beautiful enough to call people’s attention, especially bystanders.
  • Bright Camera To Capture Image and Pictures: You can equally take very bright and clear pictures with the app, thanks to its 720P HD camera. This makes the Atoyscasa FPV drone a perfect match for those who can’t prevent themselves from taking pictures of attractive image while flying.
  • Highly Effective AR Mode:AR (Augmented Reality Mode) is one feature that allows the drone to fly like a bird in the sky. With this feature, there will be a slight noticeable difference between a flying Atoyscasa drone and a bird in the sky.


  • Its direction can be faulty after few period of time, that’s according to a verified customer’s remark.

7. Snaptain A15 Drone

The Snaptain A15 is another newly invented foldable drone whose fame is spreading across nooks and crannies of the earth. This product is one of the most affordable drones you can see as it costs less than $100.


  • Voice Command Enhancement:Unlike all the listed drones, this drone supports voice command system. This means you can control the drone by speaking to it, and it will carry out your commands as soon as possible.
  • Clear Picture and Impressive Video Quality:The Snaptain A15 drone consists of a very sharp built-in 720P HD camera, which enhances the quality of the image you capture with it. This HD camera also ensures that the drone produces very clear, sharp and audible videos.
  • It Comes With Two batteries:This drone comes with an extra battery, thereby, providing you more flying time without thinking of charging the drone. With the two batteries, the drone can spend not less than 16 minutes in the sky.

Though the minutes appear a bit too short, that’s one of the longest durations a cheap drone can afford.

  • Presence Of Wi-Fi Signal:This product also consists of a strong Wi-Fi signal which helps you to connect it to your smartphone. You can watch every video recorded by the drones on your smartphone screen, as long as there is a good connection.


  • The camera quality is good, but many users believe it could have been better.

8. Visuo XS812 GPS Drone

The last drone on the list, Visuo XS812 GPS drone is another affordable drone that performs more or less like a DJI Mavic Pro Clone. This is a very compact and portable product that has an advanced GPS system for more efficiency.

It has a lightweight size which enhances its ability to cover more space while flying, and it doesn’t consume much power.


  • It Includes Two Extra Batteries: It is important to let you know that this drone has a battery that can fly for 14 minutes without being charged.

Despite this awesome battery life, the Visuo XS812 comes with two bonus batteries, which give you more time to fly your drone in the sky. In all, this drone can fly for huge 42 minutes.


Just like the aforementioned drones, Visuo XS812 drone possesses some mind-blowing features such as the following:

  • 1080P HD Camera for clear pictures and audible videos.
  • Highly Effective Remote Controller
  • Different Mode, including Speed Mode, Orbit mode,
  • — In-built GPS system

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