Spyder-X Drone spec, rang,weight -Review: Entry Camera Drone Under $100 price tag

Spyder-X Drone spec, rang,weight – -Review: Entry Camera Drone Under $100 price tag

We will be reviewing an affordable camera drone today, which is less than $100. The Spyder-X drone is the perfect choice when it comes to recommending a drone with a fair price to a starter.

As a novice, a quality camera drone with a reasonable price is what you need and not the ones like Mavic Air that are majorly for professionals. Are you a newbie, and that’s precisely what you are searching for?

Key Specs & Features

  1. Easy to use and carry on a trip, courtesy of its foldable motor arms.
  2. It has an additional battery, which is twice the full time of flight.
  3. Suitable for novice who wants high-end drone at a fair price to learn with.
  4. Uses a 720P HD of camera version that shoots videos and images.
  5. It has Gesture Mode as one of the fantastic features that you can use on it.
  6. It has a strong design that makes it more durable.

Here is the place for you to get honest reviews on Spyder-X drone, which we have thoroughly gathered genuine information for.

In this article, we will open your eyes to see the main features, design, performance and other attributes of Spyder-X drone. It’s a surprise that Spyder-X drone has become the favorite of many people despite its fair price.

Why Spyder-X drone is the best camera drone you should invest in;

Unboxing of Spyder-X drone:

We want you to know what you will be getting along the camera drone when you purchase it. That’s why this section is essential. Also, you may decide to get a few other things aside the contents of the box.

So, let’s get straight to the point.

The box of Spyder-X camera drone is small in size. It houses all the essential accessories you will need to operate the drone, such as the remote control.

Many drone manufacturers offer you reward in the form of extra accessories and batteries that comes alongside their drone.

That’s certainly a good system of marketing products and to entice targeted customers. Note that the reward doesn’t affect the value of the camera drone you are purchasing. It’s their way of saying we appreciate you for the patronage.

The perfect example of this marketing system is the Global Drone company, a well-known and trusted manufacturer.

Well, we all love to see bonuses on our purchase. Therefore, the following are what you will find in the box content:

  • The Spyder-X drone
  • The remote control
  • Two batteries (1 is a bonus battery)
  • Propellers (bonus)
  • USB charger
  • Screwdriver
  • User Manual

Design of Spyder-X drone

On the look, the camera drone seems appropriately built. The drone features strong and durable arms that are foldable, which also guarantees its internal parts’ protection.

Initially, DJI Mavic Pro was the one that introduced foldable drone arms, which can now be found on almost all common drones. In the likes ofHoly Stone HS170 Shadow, and Eachine E511.

Another attractive aspect of Spyder-X drone is its dual-colour combinations. It comes in a green and black design. This mix makes it blend well and look stylish when flying in the sky.

The drone has a 720P HD camera at the front. Well, if your choice is a 1080P HD camera that is under or slightly above $100, you can go for HS165 or SS41 The Beetle. They also feature foldable motor arms, and they are also perfect.

Another attractive design on Spyder-X drone is its inverse motor arms at the back. You should bear in mind that; this cool feature doesn’t alter the drone’s flight performance in any way; it only added to its beauty.

Global Drone has done great on this by producing such a fantabulous drone that offers a great design and badass durability. This takes us to the significant feature;

Flight Ability and Performance

Here is where every drone user gets more concerned. Buying a drone with impressive features that lacks excellent flight performance is like being scammed. So, to prove that a drone performs well means that it flies with fun and ease.

Be rest assured that Spyder-X drone is not a scam for the following reasons.

First, you will get twice the total flight time due to the available secondary(extra) battery.

One battery enables about 7 minutes of flight on average. But with the support of the secondary battery, you can make your drone fly for like 14 minutes. This is a fantastic one for you as a newbie, that will you have a great time flying your drone.

Secondly, Spyder-X drone is built with a standard proportion force that enables you to fly the drone outdoors.

Beware! Don’t fly the drone under unfavourable weather conditions, especially strong wind. This is because it’s not as strong as the advanced drones like DJI spark and Holy HS700 Ophelia.

A spyder-X camera drone is suitable for children and newbies to have an interesting time flying it.

Lastly, another great feature of Spyder-X drone is its remote control that is extremely easy to use as a learner. So, if you are yet to be an expert in flying drones, don’t fret.

Global Drone manufacture of Spyder-X drone, built its remote control with speed mode. Which means the drone will fly at the lowest speed rate at default.

This makes it easier to learn with the drone. After becoming an expert with it, you can accelerate the speed to increase your piloting performance.

Features of Spyder-X Drone

We always think the smaller drones have lesser features and that bigger drones have more features. But, Spyder-X camera drone proves us wrong.

It has numbers of essential and enjoyable functions that make fresh starters and children have a worthwhile experience with it. The two core features it offers are;

  • Handless mode:

This is the feature that exchanges the drone’s control program to remote control with ease. This makes it more convenient for newbies to pilot since they may not know the direction it is flying to.

Although there is another standard mode known has Gesture that you can use to create videos and take images with your hand’s movement. DJI was the first to display this feature, and it has become well-known in no time.

  • Altitude hold function:

with this feature, the drone flies swiftly that you may not even need to operate it manually. Although you have the option to fly the drone manually, you should do that when you are finally familiar with it.

In a nutshell, these features make the drone fly with ease, and its operation is straightforward for newbies to use.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, of the Spyder-X camera drone review, we will summarize everything we have discussed so far in this article.

Spyder-X camera drone is a high-end camera that is expertly designed for children and fresh drone users. So, if you want to get a durable camera drone to train with, the right choice for you is Spyder-X camera drone. No other drone can serve you better.

With the camera, you can take quick images and videos. All in all, Spyder-X camera drone has enough values to offer at its price range.

Not forgetting the gifts of extra battery for extra fly time and the propellers. That means you can always change any damaged propeller at no cost.

It comes with great control distance, good flight time and other features which include great flight functions with compelling design.

It’s worth noting that its small size and foldable motor arms are enough reasons to convince you.

Spyder-X camera drone is so small that can go anywhere with it inside your backpack or your pants pocket without getting stressed. Unbelievable, right?


  • Useful for new users who wants high-end drone at a fair price.
  • Easy to use and carry on a trip, thanks to its foldable motor arms.
  • Uses a 720P HD of camera version that shoots videos and images.
  • It has a strong design that makes it more durable.
  • It has an additional battery, which is twice the entire time of flight.
  • Has Gesture Mode as one of its fantastic features that you can engage in.


  • The quality of the camera is average.
  • Its control distance is restricted.