ScharkSpark SS41 The Beetle Review

ScharkSpark SS41 The Beetle Review

SS41 Beetle drone is a newly launched drone by ScharkSpark that features a quality camera. It’s one of the latest drones you will see in the market that has a creative and uncommon design. This drone is different from contemporary drones.

In this article, we will carry out an in-depth review of this drone. So that you will know the value of what you are buying before you will spend your money on it.

As newer drones are being launched, they are upgraded on the aspect of flight performance and time. With adequate features, better control and better camera resolution. At its price, one may not believe this drone has such numerous impressive values.

Note that SS41 The Beetle drone’s manufacturer also has two other well-known foldable drones selling in the market. They are; Guard FQ36 and Thunder FQ35, which you may like to check out.

In this article, we will let you know everything you need to know about the SS41 The Beetle drone ranging from its design to overall performance.

The content of SS41 The Beetle drone box;

Let’s see what you will get alongside the SS41 The Beetle drone

  • SS41 The Beetle Drone
  • 3.7V 1000mAh Li-Po Battery
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Transmitter
  • Extra Propellers (4)
  • Screwdriver
  • User Manual
  • Extra Propeller Guards (4)
  • App Manual

SS41 Beetle drone design quality

This drone is innovatively designed in an unusual way. It has a different look from other drones. This is one of the things that makes it stand-out among other camera drones that are suitable for beginners.

Anyone who has operated the Phantom 4 Pro or the new Mavic 2 Pro will have a better understanding of the SS41 Beetle drone. Especially, in terms of flight performance and time. This is to tell you that this drone camera has more value than its price tag.

SS41 Beetle drone build quality

Talking of how the SS41 Beetle drone is built, it is skillfully crafted with durable plastic material of ABS. That makes it sustainable and resilient to impact.

Asides, its motor arms are made with powerful guards that act as a shock absorber and gives it an added layer of security. At the front of this drone, it portrays a fantastic 1080P HD camera. This type of camera is hard to come by on a drone at less than $100.

This essential factor makes it a rival to drones that are higher than themselves in price. On another side, SS41 Beetle drone is built with LED lights that are meant to make it see clearly and perfectly.

This will give you the privilege to fly this drone at any time of the day, including night time without altering its performance. Lastly, its battery is situated at the back, and it offers an average maximum flight time of about 14 minutes.

SS41 Beetle drone performance

The more we unravel this drone, the better it gets. Unlike the majority of drones, this particular one comes with an excellent design and two motors at the front and another two at the back.

In which they are in separate directions. This is lovely because it sets this drone aside for higher quality when compared to its rivals.

Let’s have a look at one primary feature that makes this drone a must-have for beginners;

That is the in-built optical flow position of it that makes use of an orientation sensor that shows high-precise of the drone. This feature makes it give stability for a steadier and better flying experience.

Asides, it makes beginners and ardent aerial photographers get exquisite images and video contents. All thanks to its precise stability feature.

Furthermore, the SS41 Beetle drone is built in other to handle any wind with reasonable ease. It also comes with an in-built speed level that provides a gradual and convenient curve piloting learning for the beginners to get familiar with flight controls.

Beginners will enjoy flying this drone because it is embedded with an improved 8-axis gyroscope, which offers higher stability, accurate flight controls and precise feature.

With this, it will be easier and smoother to fly the drone at reasonable time flight—courtesy of its simple and straightforward controls that offers such a fantastic experience.

Who does not love to take impressive and clear images or videos?

This is because they awe us and make our hearts melt. The dual camera is a brilliant idea for this drone at its price tag.

Although dual cameras are already trendy pretty fast, no one could have thought of finding it on such an affordable drone-like SS41 Beetle drone. But, surprisingly, it features dual-camera.

The dual camera gives you the benefits of being able to cover videos from the front, and also from beneath the drone that reveals the aerial perspective to a whole new level.

Therefore, if you are in search of a brilliant drone with an impressive camera, that will enable you operate the camera with the remote controller. Then, you can check Contixo F24 or HS700 Ophelia.

The dual camera package will allow you to have a fantastic experience of multiple perspectives. Then, you can comfortably manipulate or control the real-time viewing modes in other to have special and lovely moments. With this drone, you are not limited to only what you can view through the eyes of this powerful drone.

It’s fantastic because it is helping aerial photographer beginners to learn and master how to shoot videos perfectly.

The Beetle Drone: Camera quality

The camera of this drone cannot be adjusted with remote like some other drones that beginners can use. Before planning to purchase a professional camera drone, you must have acquired the necessary skill it requires. Which you can acquire with this drone. It is as well an advantage for you to monetize the skill as an aerial photographer.


This drone houses lots of fantastic features like the Gesture Mode, which makes it possible to command and control it effortlessly.

Likewise, you can operate and control the drone camera by using your hand motions to capture aerial footage. That makes it more exciting and lively to operate the drone.

Also, the drone can be launched through the automatic takeoff mode and landing.

Many of the features of this drone are made to make it’s flying swift and stress-free. Nevertheless, would you like to perform some aerial stunts? You can conveniently do so with this drone camera with its 360-degree built-in flips.

You can fly in whatsoever direction you desire and take a flip to impress or entertain your audience. It’s a fantastic way of captivating their attention and make them see you as a pro.

Yet, there is another unique feature on this drone, and that is the built-in LED light that is meant for the battery. This feature is not common at all, and it still makes SS41 Beetle drone one of the newly outstanding drones that are available.

Other Features

  • A robust battery that makes the drone fly at an average maximum of 12 minutes at a charge.
  • Professionally designed with durable ABS plastic material that makes it resilience to impact
  • It is built with a 1080P HD camera that provides high resolution and detailed contents.
  • Reasonable price that makes it affordable and accessible to beginners.
  • The creative and outstanding design which makes it unique from other camera drones at its level
  • Well detailed remote controller that has a straightforward inscription on it for easy use
  • Basic and straightforward flight controls that enable beginners to operate it efficiently.


On a final note, the SS41 Beetle drone is an attractive and impressive drone that is available at the market at less than $100. Presently, there is no drone at this price range that performs better than this drone camera. Little wonder why it remains the favourite of many people, to beginners specifically.

If you are a beginner, and you need a drone to develop your aerial photography skill, the SS41 Beetle drone is what you should purchase. This is because of its amazing features that you will enjoy for a low price.

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