About us

Welcome to our drone hire page. We are very pleased that you stop by to check the few things we are doing here.

My name is Michael doo, a proudly FAA-Certified Part 107 drone operator with years of experience in various fields of interest such as aerial inspections, videography, photography.

In 2003, I started paying more attention to drones, with time I got more interested in everything that has to do with drones and it became a hubby that I hardly do without.

Hi thereRight now I have gotten some of the finest drones you can think about, like Mavic Pro and HS150 Bolt Bee. In my locality, I now organise classes where i teach those who are interested in drones, I also organise a private one-on-one session which makes me an ever busy person who is caught between the world of blogging where my day to day activities are documented and a my ever increasing desire to impact knowledge to the younger generation.

…or something like this:

Trust me you could start flying your first Drone if you registered in one of our numerous classes.