Potensic D85 Review: Smart Auto GPS Drone Under $300 for Beginners?

Potensic D85 Review: Smart Auto GPS Drone Under $300 for Beginners?

What is a drone that cannot fly excellently or that lacks fantastic aerial capabilities?

Don’t be deceived; you may not know how well a drone will perform until you hear from an expert or someone who has prior experience with it. That’s why we will review a powerful and reliable drone that you will never regret buying.

The drone we will review here is Potensic D85; which Potensic recently launched. This powerful drone competes with Holy Stone HS700 Ophelia and C-FLY Dream drone. So if you don’t know the one you should go for among them.

By the time you read this review to the end, you will no longer be confused. Note that, if your budget is under $300, then potential D85 is what you are looking for.

The following are the content of the Potensic D85 box;

  • The Potensic D85 drone
  • 5G Action Camera
  • Remote Controller
  • Charger Cable
  • Propeller Set
  • 2800mAh 7.4V Lithium Battery
  • User Manual

The Potensic D85 Design

This drone has a unique design that makes it stand out among its mates. Its body is made with a very high quality material-ABS plastic material that makes it durable.

This drone is perfect for a professional and beginner. Asides, it is built with strong landing legs that offers a secure distance for its camera. that also makes it render a clear vision for the camera and minimizes its impact too.

Furthermore, the action camera can be replaced with you’re a better choice if you are not satisfied with it. We can recommend the camera of Osmo Action or GoPro HERO7 Black; because, they can also work perfectly with the Potensic drone.

Since the two of them have stabilization function, that means you will be using a high-end professional aerial footage that features the best action camera.

The Flight Performance of Porensic D85

A beginner needs to start with a drone that is very easy to operate so also a professional.

This heavy-sized drone has a built-in GPS that offers upgraded positioning through communicating with the satellites. The GPS mode makes it easy for the drone to maintain a specific flying position and perfect aerial footage for fantastic flight.

Potensic D85 focuses on making the beginners have amazing flying experience. Likewise, this drone comes with some great features like orbit mode, custom waypoint mode and follow me mode. Thanks to the installed GLONASS/GPS mode.

The Potensic D85 Drone Battery

Here is another aspect that is vital in flying a drone. With a robust battery, you will enjoy flying a drone so much. Potensic D85 has a 2800mAh 7.4V battery which enables the drone to fly for about 20minutes.

Its highest remote control distance is about 1500meters, and it is built with brushless motors which provide highly efficient performance for the perfect and longer hovering time.

The brushless motors are durable, powerful, and quieter than most other drone brushed motors like that of Eachine E58.

Finally, Porensic D85 has maximum flight rate of 50km/h.

The Action Camera Quality

If you desire to be a pro in aerial photography, this professional first-class camera drone is one of the most suitable for you to start with. The interesting aspect is that this drone has a reasonable price tag.

One of the benefits of this action camera is its flexibility mount holder. That means the drone is built with an action camera that has a replaceable option.

As long as the one you are replacing with can fit the mount holder of this drone. Then you are good to go.

Because the potensic D85 has an action camera, it can deliver an apparent and bright aerial footage of 1080P resolution.

It performs very well when it comes to covering 30 frames of footage per second. That is a high standard for a mid-range camera drone like Porensic D85.

This is a drone we can proudly recommend to you. it’s worth noting that you can buy a micro SD card of 64GB to complement the function of the drone. This will allow you to save enough footage content as much as you like.

Impressive Features

Porensic D85 has myriads of top-notch features to offer you, they are;

It features beginner-friendly functions and also the advanced functions.

One of its amazing features is the GLONASS/GPS feature that makes it communicates with the satellite and delivers an excellent performance.

With this drone, you will have the ability to use intelligent flight modes. They are the Orbit Mode, GPS location, follow me mode, custom waypoint and the high-frequency transmission alert systems.

Also, this drone is one of the fewest and first drones to make use of the 5G frequency transmission package. This feature enables it to offer a responsive communication between the remote controller and the drone.

The remote controller of this drone offers the maximum control of 1500 meters. That makes it easy to beat its competitors in the market, such as, HS700 Ophelia.

Plus, the smart functions it offers and the beginner-friendly features. This drone will, of course, deliver an amazing performance that supersedes your expectations.

Other Features

  • The robust battery that can last up to 20 minutes’ flight at a charge
  • The amazing remote controller of up to 1,500 meters’ distance
  • Durable and skillfully crafted upgraded impact resistance.
  • The action camera is replaceable in case you want to upgrade it.
  • It offers a smoother flight experience with its excellent flight function.
  • Beginners-friendly
  • Remote control with the rechargeable battery through USB charger and mount holder

Final note

As we conclude the review of Potensic D85 drone, we must highlight the major features of this drone.

All in all, we believe that the Potensic D85 is a unique drone with an action camera and other huge features that will keep you engaged. The GPS inbuilt also makes its performance amazing and easy to learn with for a beginner without any prior flight experience.

So, if you are very interested in the remote controller drone and trying to become a professional with it, you are on the right path. Potensic D85 has a robust and standard camera drone that worth the price tag it bears.

With this review, you should no longer be confused with which of the drones you should buy among these three: Holy Stone HS700 Ophelia, Potensic D85 and C-FLY Dream drone.

Potensic D85 is embedded with superseding features at a lower price compared to other ones in its category. Therefore, don’t hesitate the right choice now.