MJX Bugs 5W Drone Review: Battery, Performance

MJX Bugs 5W Drone

MJX Bugs 5W Drone Review

The MJX Bugs 5W drone is of a fair price tag, with myriads of impressive and improved features. This particular high-end drone has more value than its predecessor “the MJX Bugs 3”.

So, are you a beginner or professional drone user, who wants to replace an old drone or add to the this to your powerful drones? Then this article is specifically for you.

In this article, we will review one of the best camera drones you can shop as a professional or a beginner.

You are going to get comprehensive details on the MJX Bugs 5W drone and know if it will worth investing on or not.

Features of MJX Bugs 5W Drone

Professional drone pilots will find The MJX Bugs 5W impressive because it has the capability of a smart and smooth return home and landing option with the use of its remote controller.. 

Also, it has an in-built barometer altitude hold feature. The feature removes the changes in the air pressure and moderates the drone in accord to the air pressure so that it will fly steadily.

There is also a speed mode feature and intelligent flight mode that enables you to have enough fun when piloting it anywhere for hours.

Other Features

  • Affordable
  • In-built 1080P HD camera
  • Has GPS mode
  • Long flight time capability
  • Very flexible
  • Easy to pilot
  • Amazing features
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Quality distance control

Content of the Box

Let’s see what the box of MJX Bugs 5W drone contains;

  • The appealing drone
  • Three batteries
  • One transmitter
  • Two propellers
  • 1 set of motor
  • One gimbal
  • One screwdriver
  • 1 USB charger
  • One adapter for charging
  • One balance charger
  • One propeller nut remover
  • One sticker
  • One travel backpack
  • Instructional manual

MJX Bugs 5W drone comes with three powerful batteries that will give you much time to fly the drone. This is because each battery last for 15 minutes’ fly time, meaning the approximate time for the three batteries is 45 minutes.

Hence, no need to worry about a short flight time challenge that you might have been facing with other drones.

Wow! Considering the price of the drone, you may find it difficult to believe you are getting all these at that fair price. But, yes, you are!

Design and Build Quality

Merely looking at the MJX Bugs 5W drone, one will quickly identify it as a professional-grade drone with top-notch design. It has a beautiful, outstanding and quality design that you may rarely get on other types of drones.

The drone is designed with sturdy ABS plastic that protects it from scratches and getting damaged when it hits a hard surface. Likewise, it has a reasonable weight that can withstand strong wind during flight.

Furthermore, it has brushless motors that reduce the consumption of power, making it possible for the batteries to last longer. Also, the drone’s legs are a bit long, powerful and flexible for landing, which makes it difficult for the camera to hit the ground.

Lastly, the MJX Bugs 5W drone has beautiful and attractive outlook. The drone has in-built LED lights inside it and beneath its motor arms too. They are not there to add to its beauty only, but to make it easier for beginners, especially, to locate its position in the air.


Another interesting part of the drone is its in-built GPS element that makes the drone and satellites communicate with ease. In return, the drone will offer a specific flying position for smooth and stable flight controls.

Besides, with the GPS in the drone, it can carry out some functions like, “Waypoint Mode” and “Follow Me”. These features enable beginners to operate it efficiently, likewise kids too.

Note that, the drone also has the speed mode, which makes it possible for beginners and kids to control speed and learn gradual curve.

Camera Quality

Here is another most essential aspect of the drone.

If you are an aerial photographer or you want to become one, then flying a drone is one of the first steps you must take.

For professional drone pilot that uses it to make money, MJX Bugs 5W is a reliable drone that we can recommend to you.

Why its recommendable to aerial photographer and professional drone operator is that it has a reliable and dependable camera. The camera will offer you value for your money.

Its camera doesn’t miss details when it shots images; it makes professional image capture. It doesn’t end there; the camera has a quality lighting adjustment feature which you can use to your advantage when taking pictures.

Since the camera is stationed on a one-axis gimbal system, that way, it’s easier for you to operate it with the remote controller.

Besides, it makes it comfortable for a novice and kids to position the camera in the direction they target to snap. Because it uses a one-axis gimbal system, it makes the footage vibrate a little, but it doesn’t affect the camera’s function.

Remote Controller

We need to discuss the fantastic remote controller of the MJX Bugs 5W. It has a stylish and professional design.

One may take it for the remote control of the DJI phantom four because they have a similar design. Except that the MJX Bugs 5W remote controller is more attractive with a different colour.

Asides, the transmitter has an intelligent control with vibration signals that is not annoying, which makes it comfortable for beginners and kids to use it.

MJX Bugs 5W also uses upgraded technology of two-way wireless system which offers a strong connection between the remote control and drone.

The remote control as a useful feature of unlocking model that assist you to unlock the drone by pressing the two levers downward and upward.

Finally, the remote controller establishes a connection to fly the drone successfully and efficiently. Another advantage is that you can place your phone upon the remote controller in other to see the video in FPV mode.


MJX Bugs 5W is one of the best high-end drones you can get in the market at its price. The drone is not just affordable, but it has a beautiful and unique design plus its professional, kid and beginner-friendly.

To add to its value, it is designed with tons of attractive features that offer worthwhile flying experience. Its durability and resistant to strong wind and scratches that makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor flying.

With the in-depth analysis we have carried out on MJX Bugs 5W drone, you should be convinced already that it is worth your hard-earned money.

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