HUBSAN X4 H502E DESIRE-drones under $100: Review and Buying Guide

HUBSAN X4 H502E DESIRE-drones under $100

If you’re a beginner and you’re searching for drones under $100 but still has smart functions, GPS and cool features, this X4 H502E Desire might just be perfect for you.

Type: FPV drone |Flight time: 12 Minutes | Dimension: 6.5 x 6.5 x 2.4 inches| Weight: 1.54 pounds | Color: Red, a touch of Black and White.


First thing to be noted is that you do not need to register this drone with the FAA because it is below 55 pounds. Regular drones with GPS functions are usually very expensive.

However, because Hubsan is known for offering more for less, they built this affordable drone with cool features to offer beginners a great first experience at a really affordable price.

This GPS quadcopter drone is made from durable material that offers the drone an elongated and lasting life span. Carved from durable ABS plastic, it is tough and equipped with impact resistance.

It has a blend of red, white and black. The top of the main body framework is painted black, the propellers and around the camera are soaked in red while the rest of the body is mostly white.

As this is an FPV drone, the camera sits pretty in front of the drone. This camera that gives you a first person view of the environment is an optimized HD 720 camera which has gone through an upgrade to give you the best picture quality compared to certain drones.

Unlike the H501S X4, this drone has small landing pads made of plastic to aid its landing and take off. What’s more interesting about these landing pads is the fact that it absorbs shock that might spring from landing the drone. It comes with brushed motors.

Unboxing of HUBSAN X4 H502E :

The Hubsan X4 H502E desire drone comes in a pack along with 7 other items. Here’s what to expect if you receive your Hubs an X4 H502E desire drone package:

one quadcopter designed with smart flight controller,GPS and compass; eight propellers which is equally divided into propeller A and propellers B with four PCs of propeller;

1 transmitter that’s powered by a 4 X AAA Battery that you would have to buy separately because it does not come with the package;

one 7.4 V Li-Po battery for the quadcopter; USB charger to charge the Li-Po battery; one screw driver for when you want to remove the propeller and; A user manual.

The above listed are the only things you’d get in your pack of hubsan X4 H502E drone. In other words, it doesn’t come with a memory card. You’ll have to purchase that on your own.


With flight time that lasts for 12 minutes, you might want to really define what task you need the drone to help you accomplish and deploy it for that purpose.

If you wish to acquire precise flight control, the GPS can absolutely help with this. It also helps with quite a lot of modes. For example, the GPS controls the return to home mode.

However, there’s always better with a higher version as the higher version of this drone offers better; a reliable drone.

This higher version is the Hubsan H502 S. Battery wise, this drone works on a high powered battery that delivers optimum performance. Although this drone has a really limited flight time, you can still control how long you fly your drone for.

The trick to successfully do this is to monitor the weather so that you won’t attempt to fly your drone when the weather is bad. Also, be less of an aggressive pilot. it really goes a long way in preserving the battery life of your drone.

But, if you can afford extra batteries, go on and get extra batteries so you can automatically extend your drone flying sessions. It should, however, be duly noted that because this drone is a powered brushed one, you should be ready to give your drone, at least, ten minutes break in between extended flying sessions. Ensure you charge the batteries well before you make use of them.

This would take a sum total of 150 minutes.This drone is best for beginners and children who are tech curious as it is very easy to operate.

However, you might experience loss of control while controlling your drone but this is most likely due to low battery.

The HD 720 cameras are perfect for taking high quality pictures and videos. Capture every moment through the FPV camera because every moment counts.


  1. Just like stray cats and dogs, your drone could start far away but not in the way you imagine. This happens when the radio transmitter connection is lost. The GPS launches the drone’s failsafe mode when this happens. Once in the failsafe mode, the control system automatically launches the return to home mode which, like a charm, brings it back to you.
  2. It has an FPV camera with an optimized HD 720 camera in front of it. This camera, being optimized, allows you to take aerial HD quality videos from the top. You can also take pictures as you see fit.
  3. When it comes to getting a perfect position locking and tracking, this drone has the ability to lock up to 12 satellites.
  4. It has the headless mode which means that the drone can fly sideways.
  5. It has a flight distance of 200 meters.
  6. The ground controller has four transmitters which means the pilot can control multiple functions of the quadcopter simultaneously.


  • It is really affordable and is a good deal for the GPS function it possesses.
  • It has the auto return to home feature which brings your drone back to you once connection to the radio transmitter is lost.


  • You can’t do tricks and flips with this drone because it lacks it.