HUBSAN X4 H107D+ palm size drone: Review and Buying Guide


Welcome to the world of the smallest FPV quadcopter in the world. Hubsan, yet, again made a statement with this quadcopter. This quadcopter is a blend of black and white although it is mostly white.

Type: FPV drone | Flight Time: 7 minutes | Dimension: 3.9 x 3.9 x 1.2 inches | Weight: 1.57 pounds | Color: Black and White.


The propellers are black and the quadcopter itself has a black covering on its head. The FPV camera sits in the front of the drone and it looks like a black hole. This small drone holds quite a lot of promises for its users.

However, this does not go to say that it doesn’t have its shortcoming. Nevertheless, these shortcomings are quite few.

The reason for this could be because the X4 H107D + addressed most of the flaws of the X4 H107D, making this brand of drone everything a beginner might just want in a drone.

A little back story of the X4 H107D+, this drone is the successor to the X4 H107D which was considered as the smallest drone until the plus version was released with certain modifications that the X4 H107D lacked.

The WiFi FPV camera of the X4 H107D+ shoots 720p/30fps HD videos and stores it on a memory card. To give an amazing FPV experience, the remote control of the drone has an LCD screen. This screen grants you the liberty to enjoy your FPV experience through the transmitter.

One of the modifications made on the X4 H107D+ is the inclusion of the altimeter feature. What this altimeter feature does is to ensure that the drone stays at the same height when it is in altitude mode.

It is incredibly light weighted as it weighs 57 gram and is small. In contrast, the remote control is quite bigger than the drone and this is all thanks to the LCD screen on it. With a 2.4 GHz connection, you can watch the videos transmitted from the drone.

The X4 H107D+ comes in a package with seven other items. Here is what to expect straight out if the box: a quadcopter, one transmitter that operated with a 2.3 GHz connection and has a 4″3 display,

one 500mAh Li-Po battery, one USB cable to charge the Li-Po battery, eight propeller blades, one blade remover tool like a screwdriver and; an instruction manual.

There are no extra batteries for your drones. Hence, you might want to consider getting one for yourself because the flight time of this drone is supposedly 7 minutes.


Starting from the FPV camera attached to the drone, it seems impossible for the drone to deliver quality pictures and videos.

This drone, also, saves the pictures and videos recorded on the mini SD card which you would have to buy separately.

The ability to switch in between taking pictures and videos lies in the hand of the transmitter that has two different buttons for both tasks. While the video quality in 720p HD, the resolution of the picture is 1600 × 1200 pixels.

For this drone, both the picture and video quality are not bad. With flight time at 7 minutes, the battery charges for thirty minutes. Once it’s low, you can either leave it to charge or swap batteries.

The Li-Po battery is charged with the USB cable it comes with. Sadly, the cable does not come with an adapter. The transmitter also works on batteries but not the same kind of battery that the drones use.

Instead, it operates on four AAA batteries that you would have to spend extra money on because it does not come with the pack.

Flying this drone is easier compared to its predecessor. However, you would find that generally, flying small drones are not exactly easy to control as you would tend to crash it more than bigger drones which, by the way, are easier to control.

The highest meter the X4 H107D+ can fly is 100 meters. So, feel free to make overhead video recordings and pictures. The X4 H107D+ is so small, that it has been described as palm-sized.


There are quite a number of cool features that this quadcopter has and it include;

  1. Quite a number of modes that perform different function in the drone from headless mode to expert mode to control the fidelity etc
  2. Considering its small size, it was named the world’s smallest quadcopter.
  3. Although it can be a little tough to control, the flight stable
  4. The main body frame is made of durable material which fosters the longevity of the drone’s lifespan. More so, it is light weighted.
  5. The camera is an FPV
  6. When the battery is low and the drone is in the air, the auto cut-off battery safety ensures that it descends safely on the ground without crashing.


  • It is easy to control compared to its predecessor
  • The transmission between the drone and its controller is quite smooth and it fosters a more smooth flight
  • You can fly your drone both indoors and outdoors.
  • The FPV Camera is perfect for its size but do not expect too much.


  • You can go higher than 100 meter distance with this quadcopter.