Holy Stone F181G Drone review: Fast Racing Quadcopter Under $200

Holy Stone F181G Drone review

Holy Stone F181G Drone review: Fast Racing Quadcopter Under $200
We have extensively talked about some drones in our ongoing drone review series, today is the turn of another well-known and highly durable product known as the Holy Stone F181G Drone.

What’s All About The Product

F181G is one of the drones created by the Holy Stone company few years ago, and it is arguably the best product from the highly-rated company.

Though drone experts see it as an upgrade to the company’s previous F181 Chaser drone series, the HS F181G is a relatively new product which consists of more sophisticated features and daunting abilities than what we’ve seen from the Taiwan-based company.

The company, during the drone’s launching ceremony, revealed that the F181G quadcopter is a quality product that can compete with others in terms of quality and effectiveness.

Having seen the product’s features and having gone through verified user’s remarks and feedbacks, we can say that the F181G is really living up to its hype.

Top Feature Of The F181G Drone And Why You Should Get It.

1. Strong Battery Life

Holy Stone drones are previously known for short-lived battery lifespan, but this product is in exception because it possesses a very strong battery that can last longer in the sky.

The F181G drone battery can last for 10 minutes in the sky, an obvious extension to what we used to have in previous Holy Stone’s products.

2. Awesomely Designed Remote Controller

This is another feature that makes this product a largely accepted drone among experts and beginners.

Firstly, the remote controller has well-arranged buttons as part of the company’s desire to help inexperienced drone lobbyists fly the HS F181G drone without struggles.

Secondly, the remote controller has the potential to control the drone from a very far distance, thanks to the product’s spontaneous responsiveness.

In a nut shell, the F181G drone remote controller is a good example of a sharp, simple and effective remote control system.

3. Thick And Durable ABS Plastic

If you are interested a durable drone, this product is an option for you as it consists of hard ABS Plastic.

The Holy Stone F181G Drone is build with a very durable ABS plastic that possess massive strength, and can stand the test of time.

It is somewhat normal to experience some crashes while flying your drone as a beginner, this is why inexperienced drone flyers are tipped to go for this product because it can withstand lots of crashes. That’s not all, the ABS plastic equally helps to boost the drone’s resistance against electric shock and its negative impacts.

4. Well-detailed User’s Guide

This is another feature that makes the Holy Stone F181G Drone a must-have product for everyone who desires to have a safe flying experience.

As it is often said: ‘safety first.’ Hence, the major reason why Holy Stone include a well detailed user’s guide — in order to educate users on how to fly the drone without crashing it — in the product box.

5. Propeller’s Guard

As much as the company trust the user’s guide to help you enjoy a safe flying experience, they didn’t completely rule out the chances of recording one or two crashes.

Therefore, the Holy Stone company ensure that all propellers are wrapped in a strong metal guard which will prevent them from damaging should there be any crash or accident. Additionally, the Propellers’ guard also serves as shock absorber and it provide the drone with all the needed stability while flying.

6. 720P HD Camera

This feature provides you with a very good opportunity to capture clear images, and record audible video while flying. The camera is easy to use and it is arguably the drone’s most lovely feature.


7. Landing Pads

This pads aid the drone’s stability while landing. It also prevent soil particles from damaging the screen as it creates a perfect gap between the screen and the ground

8. Low Power Warning Alarm

Though all the drones created by the Holy Stone company possess this feature, we believe it will be unfair to overlook it. This feature helps the product to call your attention as soon as the battery is low. You must ensure that you plug the drone as soon immediately to avoid loss of battery strength.

Other features of the drone include: out of range alarm and 360-degree flips function


  • It has a very sharp flying sight, thanks to the possession of large Blue LED light at the front, which enhances its visuality.
  • Speed and height of flight are at their peak, thanks to the presence of 5.8GHz frequency.
  • You are guaranteed to capture quality pictures and videos as a result of its awesome camera.
  • Your drone is secure even if it misses its way. This is because it will automatically ring an emergency alarm.
  • Charging is made simple, thanks to its USB charging cable.
  • It has high flying speed as it possesses four propellers which enhance movement.
  • It is readily available for sale Amazon.


  • According to comments from verified users, inserted SD Card could got burnt too easily after flying the drone for a short period of time.
  • It doesn’t function well in a windy environment as it could lose its transmission or signal with the remote control system.

Our Conclusion

Having considered the qualities and features of this drone, we can confirm to you that the Holy Stone F181G Drone is one of best products you can buy at the rate of $200 or less.

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