Eachine E511S Review: Advanced GPS Smart Camera Drone Under $200

Eachine E511S Review

Are you interested in flying a drone without crashing it despite being a novice? If yes, then Eachine E511S drone is one of the best product for you.

This is because of its beginner-friendly features, which allow novice and amateur drone flyers to enjoy a successful first-time droning experience.

Before we proceed with the product’s review, here is a quick information you need to know about the Eachine drone-making company. Eachine are inexperienced drone-making company as they only get into the business a few years ago.

Nonetheless, the China-based company are definitely gaining lots of customers due to their quality products that are fast becoming popular among drone lovers.

Eachine E58 drone is arguably the company’s most popular product as it is hugely accepted by large number of consumers who see the drone as a cheap alternative to the expensive DJI Mavic Pro Clones drone. The Eachine E58 has almost the same features and performance level as the highly-rated DJI Mavic drone.

Eachine E511S Drone And Its Features

Back to our focus for today. Eachine E511S is another product from the company currently having a strong impression among drone lobbyists and experts.

The reason for this isn’t farfetched, it is as a result of its awesome features, which are discussed later in the article.

Meanwhile, it is very crucial you know that the foldable E511S drone is of three different types, and each has a unique camera.

However, our focus is on the Eachine E511S drone with a 5G Wi-Fi 1080P camera. Below are its features and reasons why you should go for it — either you’re a professional or an amateur/beginner:

1. Extra Propeller Guards Which Boost Its Durability

The Eachine E511S drone is a very durable product that will definitely stand the test of time. Its durability prowess is boosted by many quality materials such as the ABS Plastic and propeller guards. These two materials didn’t just add beauty to the drone, but equally ensure that its durability is guaranteed.

2. It’s A well-designed Drone

Talk of beauty and attractiveness, the Eachine E511S drone comes first as it is beautifully crafted by the Chinese company. The product consists of mind-blowing colour combinations, which help in bringing out its gorgeous artistic design. The presence of Grey, black and silver colour scheme on the drone give it a DJI Mavic’s look-alike appearance.

3. Bright LED Lights

You can fly this drone during twilight hours, thanks to the presence of bright LED Lights at the front and back of the drone.

The E511S drone consists of two LED lights at the front, while it boasts of one light at the back. They all work together to produce lovely lightening experience while controlling the product at sunset.

4. 1080p HD Camera

This is arguable the most laudable feature of the drone as it provides users the opportunity to take clear pictures and videos of important places. With its adjustable FOV (Field Of View) features, you can choose the perfect viewing angle of your choice. You can also also stream live aerial video via the camera, thanks to its FPV feature.

The camera’s 5G technology ensures that you can stream aerial footages, even if it is 100m away from you.

5. Extended Time Of Flight

The Eachine E511S comes with a high and strong Li-Po 1200 mAh battery, which is a bit stronger than the company’s previous products. With this stronger battery capacity, you’re entitled to enjoy more time of flight (specifically 15 minutes).

6. GPS Enhancements

Just like the DJI Mavic drone, the Eachine E511S is a GPS-enhanced drone, which means more fun-filled droning experience for all users — either professional or beginners.

With the GPS feature, the drone becomes more stable while flying in the sky, and it will provide you with accurate information about the location you’re exploring.

7. Excellent Remote Controller

The drone remote controller has a modern-day design and texture, which make it comfortable in your hands. Its efficiency is never in doubt as it can control the drone even if it is 300 meters away. Every button on the remote controller has a picture of its function for easy usage.

You will need to insert three AAA batteries into the remote controller before it can function at all. It is very important to tell to that the batteries are not included in the package. So, you should get the batteries later.

8. Many Flight Modes To Choose From

Just like the wonderful 1080p HD camera, this is another reason why it is hard to ignore the Eachine E511S product when listing top-rated drones.

Despite its cheap price, this product consists of three unique and brilliant flight mode that will offer you the best droning experience. The three modes include: The orbit, follow me and the waypoint mode.

With the orbit mode, you can control the drone to fly round about a point or position. You only need to set the radius and height of your choice. As for the Follow Me, the drone will follow you to anywhere you go once this mode is activated.

The Waypoint mode gives you the chance to draw a route — you want the drone to follow — on your smartphone app, and it will follow the direction without further control. This feature provides you with a great template to carry out many functions while flying the drone as you won’t be too concerned about directing the drone.

9. Automatic Return Home

With this feature, you can make the drone to return back to you as soon as the battery is too low to carry further exploration.

10.Camera Specifications

the sole aim of buying a drone is to fly it and capture high quality video and aerial footage in the 1080P HD resolution. To meet your needs in this aspect, the E511S has all it takes to capture, record and deliver the best quality pictures hence it is the best options for you.

More also the E511S is best known for it GPS module that allows one to have total control of the camera remotely.

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  • It has an easy take-off and landing process. You are only required to press the take-off and landing key to carry out these functions.
  • It’s easy to control as you can control your drone using your smartphone.
  • Headless mode is readily available for amateur or inexperienced flyers.
  • It possesses crash guards for more safety .


  • It is unsuitable to use in a windy environment as it won’t respond to control too often.
  • Removing the crash guard after use could be stressful

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