DJI Mavic 2 Air Drone: Release Date And Possible Price Tag

DJI Mavic 2 Air Drone

DJI Mavic 2 Air Drone: Release Date And Possible Price Tag
DJI company are one of the best drone-making companies in the world but they haven’t been in active in the industry for a while.

The last time the highly-rated company launched a product was in 2018 when they unleashed the Mavic 2 Pro into the market.

Many people has attached the lengthy break to the company’s desire to implement Airsense technology into their products as it will enhance drone safety while flying.

The AirSense Technology is a feature that allows drones to have a remote pilot advanced awareness for maximum safety whenever it’s in the sky.

However, the wait for another brand new drone from the DJI company is set to come to an end as it is said that they are on the verge of releasing an eye-catching, sophisticated drone.

They are tipped to release a mind-blowing drone before the end of this year (2019), as it is widely speculated in the media. Speculations about the soon-to-be-released product can’t stop spreading within the internet circle.

Some media outlets claimed that the highly anticipated product is no other than Mavic 2 Air as part of the company’s desire to increase the Mavic Air series. Another section of the internet claimed that DJI company are about releasing a new DJI Spark 2 drone after the massive success they recorded with Spark 1.

It was also speculated that the company are finally set to unveil Inspire 3 drone which has been in development phase for quite a while now. As it stands, it is yet to be seen which of the listed drones will be released by the company, and all of us are eagerly waiting for the much talked about product.

While we await the launching ceremony, let’s quickly take a look at one of the three products likely to be released by the company.

DJI Mavic 2 Air Likely Features

Though we — just like everyone — can’t confirm which of the three aforementioned products is set to be released by the company, we strongly believe the Mavic 2 Air has brighter chances of being the next drone from the company.

Adding a new drone to the Mavic series is long overdue because both Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom were released two years ago (January 2018). Hence, we’re set to unveil some of the lovely features you should expect to see in the Mavic 2 Air drone.

Note that all the features discussed in this article are purely based on the information we gathered from reliable sources. See the Features below:

1. Independent Transmission Signal System:
From what we were told by our reliable researchers, it is believed that the Mavic 2 Air drone will consist of an independent transmission signal system, meaning it won’t rely on Wi-Fi transmission system which all products from DJI are known for.

2. Easy To Control:
With the newly adopted independent Transmission Signal System, we predict that the Mavic 2 Air drone will be very easy to use or control. This is because the anticipated drone will have a strong connectivity. We equally gathered that the upcoming product will be safer than previous products as a result of the much improved signal system.

New Features We Would Love To See In The Soon-to-be-released Mavic 2 Air

Having revealed the features that are most likely to be seen in the new Mavic 2 Air drone based on available information, we are equally using this medium to suggest some features that users would love to see in the product. The features include:

1. Extended Flight Time:
Unlike most DJI drones that often last for just 16 minutes in the sky, we would love this drone to spend 25 minutes flying in the sky.

2. High and Effective Responsiveness To Remote Control
Another feature we all want to see in this drone is an high and effective responsiveness to remote control system. What this means is that we want a situation where the drone will yield to our command — whenever we press the remote controller — even if we’re 4 miles away (hope we aren’t asking for too much)

3. Sharp Camera With large Sensor Size
We’ve seen DJI drone camera with 8MP sensor size in the past, but we would love to see a drone with larger sensor size. So, we want to see the Mavic 2 Air drone with 16MP or 20 MP Sensor Camera which will boost image and video quality.

4. Portability and Durability
We don’t want this product to be as bulky as the previous ones. We want to see a very portable and durable drone that will cover large area of space with tremendous speed.

5. Noiseless Propeller
Most drone enthusiasts or professionals are uncomfortable with noise-making propellers, which is one of the factors DJI company are yet to prevent completely. We hope they get it right this time because we don’t want to have a noisy ‘droning’ experience.

6 . Diverse Colors To Pick From
DJI are advised to release the product in different colors as that will give users opportunity to choose any color of their choice.

7. More Effective ActiveTrack 2.0 feature.

Other features are:

  • Longer flight time up to 25 minutes.
  • Bigger remote control distance up to 4 miles.
  • The dedicated transmission system is similar to OcuSync.
  • Bigger camera sensor size, probably up to 16MP or 20MP with 1-inch CMOS sensor.
  • The smaller and portable size that takes the weight further do.
  • Quieter propeller noise for much more enjoyable flight experience.
  • More features like new intelligent flight modes.
  • Upgraded ActiveTrack 2.0
  • New panoramic shot.
  • More color options like blue, green and yellow.
  • 4K UHD @ 60 FPS would be a nice addition.
  • Faster video bitrate, up to 140 MB/S
  • Dual camera systems for zoom capabilities up to 2 times closer.

When Will DJI Launch The Mavic 2 Air Drone?

This is the question on the lips of every drone lovers as they can’t wait to lay hands on the highly-rated drone. Unfortunately, we can’t give an exact date for the release of the product because the company are currently installing the AirSense Technology on their gadgets, and the exercise is expected to last for few months.

All things being equal, The Mavic 2 Air is expected to be released at early stages of next year as it is almost impossible to finish the AirSense Technology installation before the end of the year.

Probable Price Tag

The price tag is far from being revealed by the company as they are yet to unveil the product. Nonetheless, we predict that the Mavic 2 Air drone could be as expensive as the previous DJI Mavic Air drones.

Having considered all factors and conditions, we don’t expect the product to exceed $1,000 price tag — an ideal price for a professional drones.

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