DJI CrystalSky Video Monitor Review : Battery, Design, Performance

DJI CrystalSky Video Monitor Review

DJI CrystalSky video monitor Review : Battery, Design & Performance

It’s no doubt that any professional remote drone pilot needs a reliable and top-notch drone to work with.

That’s why we focused in to review a camera drone in this article. This drone is up to the task and it will offer you an abundance of values for its price.

DJI Crystalsky video monitor will assist you in your videography professional to capture videos with impressive quality. Even though the drone doesn’t come with a hefty price tag, yet it is embedded with numerous fantastic features.

The primary principal value of this drone is its video monitor that is mind-blowing.

DJI Crystalsky video monitor: Design and Battery Life

DJI Crystalsky video monitor is very flexible and has some tools to operate it with ease. It is as well durable and enclosed with an aluminium body which gives smooth and quality surface.

The battery of this flagship is enormous and bulky, and that’s why just one of its battery can fly the drone for almost 5 hours. A plus to the battery is its ability to withstand extremely cold weather.

For instance, flying a drone in Canada or Antarctica north, where the cold is extreme, is not a problem. DJI CrystalSky can withstand the weather perfectly.

As for its battery, it comes as LED that allows you view the percentage of the battery. This makes us doff our hats for the manufacturer. Likewise, it’s charger has a green LED light that signifies when the battery charge has completed.

DJI Crystalsky video monitor: Performance

Overall, the drone performs smoothly and very fast. The images and videos it produces are exquisite. The video features a dedicated encoder. Also, the outcome of the content captured is displayed on 1920×1080 resolution and 2048×1536 of the bigger screen of the 7.85-inches version.

DJI Crystalsky video monitor features, H.265 and H.264 that produces fantastic video without unnecessary frames. This will allow you stream the videos quickly on your PC when editing them.

Furthermore, the DJI Crystalsky video monitor has superb a connectivity system. It amazingly translates the maximum latency of 180ms to 0.018seconds.

DJI Crystalsky video monitor: Visibility in Direct Sunlight

DJI Crystalsky video monitor has an excellent brightness that doesn’t make you strain your eyes when viewing the video under direct sunlight.

The DJI Crystalsky video monitor has another version which is 1000 cd/m2, that has a higher brightness. This is recommendable for you if you will use the drone at a territory that experiences constant powerful sunlight. In other words, the drone is reliable and easy to use.


  • The drone is straightforward and flexible. It has power application and go back buttons at the right side.
  • It has F2 and F1 programmable buttons that you can use to custom its performance.
  • The programmable buttons can be used to record or screenshot the content on the drone video monitor.
  • It has ports on the left side. One is used to charge with USB that can be connected to a remote controller. This is to get a quality video feed. Another port on it is the headphone jack for audio transmission. Lastly is the HDMI port that uses VR headset on DJI Crystalsky video monitor. The VR headset has excellent benefits of flying the drone in VR mode or to get a quality video feed.
  • It has a Mount Holder and two micro SD slots. This will allow you to save screenshots and videos from your drone. It can use a micro SD card that is up to 256GB. With this, you don’t have to worry about saving huge videos.
  • On the drone, there are few small holes at the bottom part. They are created to be held by the mount holders. You can use the handheld screw to twist it to keep the drone in place. Between the two holes is a port that can be used to connect the remote controller to your smartphone.


  • It is not recommendable for a beginner because it’s a bit sophisticated for them to use.
  • There are misconceptions on the DJI Crystalsky video monitor that it’s not flexible.
  • The camera monitor drone doesn’t have a built-in Wi-Fi. The solution to this is that you will always have to connect to the internet via your mobile device. That’s if you will be needing to use the internet when piloting. But if your work doesn’t require that, then you do not have to worry a bit about the absence of the Wi-Fi on this drone.

All you need is to understand how this drone works by carefully going through this review. Or browse more on it and seek more knowledge from people who have used or using the drone as a professional like you.

After buying it, you will realize that the value of the camera monitor drone is higher than the amount of money you are paying for it.

Bottom Line

Besides, DJI Crystalsky video monitor you don’t have to worry about taking screenshots and recording smooth videos with drones. It’s a professional high-end drone with video monitor.

Its high time you stopped using a mobile device for your videography career. Since you want to offer the best services to your clients, then think about how investing in this machine will earn you more clients and more money.

The DJI Crystalsky video monitor is specially made to produce the best image and video contents, which is most important to you as a pro.

We have reviewed this powerful drone and realized how durable and rugged it is at a very reasonable price.

As if that’s not enough, the drone features a lot of high specifications, ranging from the ability to withstand cold weather to huge micro SD card slot.

On a final note, this badass DJI Crystalsky video monitor drone is for professional use only. So if you are a professional, this will give you what it advertises.

With this reliable drone you will always smile at the result you will get from the video feed. Wait no more, purchase the drone and become a better shooter while you make your clients happy too.

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