Crosstour Action Camera 9500 Review: Best Performance Camera?

Aerofly Drones Crosstour Action Camera 9500 Review

Some people don’t know that there are affordable action cameras with high quality. But we are glad to inform you that there are few of them in the market, such as the Crosstour action camera 9500.

It’s such an impressive action camera that has myriads of fantastic features that makes the image and video outcome outstanding.

With this, any professional aerial photographer will be able to convince and make their clients happy.

So, if you are aspiring to become a professional photographer or videographer, this article is specifically for you.

Because in this article, we will review a reliable action camera that you can trust to do the job perfectly and earn you more money.

Content of the Box

  • Crosstour Action Camera 9500
  • Waterproof Housing Case
  • 1350mAh Li-Po Battery x 2
  • Back Battery Cover x 2
  • Mount Brackets
  • USB Charger
  • Helmet Kit
  • Bicycle Kit

Crosstour Action Camera 9500: The Design Quality

Immediately you get hold of Crosstour action camera 9500, you will be highly impressed with its excellent design. It has a coating all over its body framework with a jet black colour.

The first thing we fell in love with before reviewing the action camera is this attractive and stylish design.

Asides the fact that the design adds to its beauty, it also makes the action camera look highly professional. The only issue which we have with this action camera is that it has its power button at the top of it.

That is too close to the capture photo or videos. That is not a big deal, looking at every other nice parts of this action camera.

People who do not like to accidentally switch off the action cameras while recording videos may not like that flaw though.

Because there is a tendency that you may mistakenly press the power button when you are trying to press the recorded video or capture picture button.

For instances, action cameras such as YI 4K+ action camera and Victure 4KUHD action camera and some others.

They all have their power buttons situated at the front of them, which reduces the occurrence of mistakenly switching it off when using it.

Even though, they also require some practices before you can always get used to pressing the right buttons when using them. They are not as complicated as that of Crosstour Action Camera 9500.

At the back of Crosstour Action Camera 9500, there is a 2-inches touchscreen which you can always navigate around effortlessly and quickly.

Crosstour Action Camera 9500: Build Quality

The build quality of this action camera, it is built with sturdy ABS plastic that offers it enough resilience it requires to control impacts.

Also, other factors that will make you fall in love with the Crosstour Action Camera 9500 are;

First, its small size that makes it very easy and convenient for you to carry along anywhere you go. Secondly, it has strong sides that make it very rugged to handle and operate. With that, you can hold and carry it firmly when you are covering events or scenes.

In a nutshell, the Crosstour Action Camera 9500 build is of high quality which you will never regret spending your hard-earned money on.

Crosstour Action Camera 9500: Performance

Here is the fundamental aspect that must not be ignored at all. We know you are also interested in knowing what the performance of the Crosstour Action Camera 9500 looks like. That’s what we are going to discuss here;

Although the price of this action camera is reasonable, it’s cheaper than some low-end action camera that is available in the market. With that, this action camera still performs highly impressive than the majority of them.

The Crosstour Action Camera 9500 is built with a feature that does not make it shake. It’s such a peculiar feature when compared with the one on the GoPro HERO 7 Black.

Apart from that, Crosstour Action Camera 9500 is very much better than Victure 4K action camera too.

This is because it features the ability to cover videos entirely on 4KUHD resolution of about 30 frames in a second. Besides, the Crosstour Action Camera 9500 is built with a sensor manufactured by SONY.

That means it will professionally snap pictures and record videos at a very high-quality rate to attract the attention of the audience.

More so, Crosstour Action Camera 9500 is the right choice for you to make, especially if you will be travelling a lot to offer your services. All thanks to its portability.

Special Features

There are tons of special features that you should be informed about concerning Crosstour Action Camera 9500;

First, it has the time-lapse function that lets the action camera hold off the capture for a short while.

You can also, determine the time you want the action camera to stay before shooting the images between 1-10 seconds. It’s the right choice for making the person show in the pictures or videos. Since nobody should be left out.

Another great feature of the Crosstour Action Camera 9500 is the Live recording that is implemented in it.

This is hugely useful for making content by not using manual to delete files in other to have space for the new contents.

This feature is helpful for beginners while experienced people will find nothing special in it because they must have been familiar with it.

In conclusion, the new features on it made it unique at its price, like the anti-shake function that comes with it. It’s an essential feature that’s very rare in a lot of action cameras that is below $100.

This anti-shake function is the reason why the Crosstour Action Camera 9500 has won a lot of people’s love since it was introduced.

There is a huge difference between the real 4KUHD and the contemporary 4KUHD footage. And that’s the anti-shake function that enables it to produce a better camera that looks highly professional.

Other Features

  • Anti-shake function that gives the video feed a high-quality
  • A robust battery that lasts up to 120 minutes
  • Ability to cover video of about 4K at 30 FPS
  • Portable and easy to carry about
  • Beginner friendly.
  • It is built with a waterproof cover that supports about 40 meters’ depth.
  • Comes with SONY sensor which skillfully takes detailed images and videos

Final note

This article has revealed almost everything on Crosstour Action Camera 9500, ranging from the features, to its performance.

Which have all proven that the action camera is one of the best you can get from the market, especially at its price.

It’s such a value-packed action camera that offers a professional performance. Not forgetting the inclusion of the massive 20MP that is built with a SONY sensor that adds to the quality and detailed images/videos it delivers.

If your budget is $100 or less than that, for an action camera, don’t look elsewhere.

Crosstour Action Camera 9500 is what you should purchase. Just Perfect for you!

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