Campark X20 Action Camera Review: spec, battery life-Affordable Action Camera for Beginners

Campark X20 Action Camera Review

Campark X20 Action Camera Review: spec, battery life-Affordable Action Camera for Beginners

In case you don’t know that there are some powerful action cameras that are affordable. We are happy to tell you that there are such action cameras in the market today. For less than $100 you will get mouthwatering features and still get quality images and videos from the action cameras.

Obviously, beginners need to start with a simple action camera that offers excellent quality at an affordable price. As they are just beginning to learn, that’s why we searched for such a perfect action camera.

We finally found one for you. And we know that you can’t wait to get to know more about it. So relax, and follow us on this journey, as we unravel this amazing mid-tier machine.

Campark X20 action camera is the real deal that we will review in this article. We will discuss its features, overall performance, design, and more.

Campark is one of the top trusted manufacturers of high-quality cameras. They have been doing well in the industry, and Campark X20 action camera is not exemption to the wonders they perform.

If you are eager to get a new action camera or the one that befits you as a beginner, then read this review keenly.

Let’s show you the content of the box of the Campark X20 action camera. So you will know what you are getting and what you should plan to get along with extra cash.

Here are the contents:

  • Campark X20 Action Camera
  • Remote Controller
  • USB Charger
  • Waterproof Housing Case
  • Shoulder Mount Kit
  • Two Batteries
  • Bicycle Mount Kit
  • User Manual
  • Travel Case
  • Cleaning Kit

With these contents, you may not need to spend any other money after getting this brand new action camera.

Design Quality

The first impression last longer they say, the Campark X20 action camera gave us that kind of experience as first impression.

This will remain one of the best action camera for quite a while, on our list. This machine is beautifully designed with gray matte all over its body frame. At the front, it has stylish stripes that make it look more professional.

Also, at the front, there is an attractive red button that functions as the power button and switching modes button. This is an excellent idea from the manufacturer because this button helps to avoid the accidents of switching off the action camera when operating it.

In addition, the action camera is not heavy and has a very small size that makes it very convenient to carry about and operate for long hours.

It has an in-built SONY sensor that gives a cool 20MP. It’s essential because the action camera will be able to cover enough lighting, to provide beautiful and bright image that will satisfy the audience.

The extra juice that came with this action camera is the waterproof case that covers its enter body. That is for protecting it under the water for about 30 meters deep.


Looking further, another great deal found on the Campark X20 action camera is the sturdy material used to craft it. This makes its body durable and lasts long.

Likewise, this strong body makes it resilient to impact. This makes it secure for beginners to learn with; even if it falls or hits something, it is protected from crashing and scratches.

Campark X20 Action Camera: Waterproof Reliability

well, if you doubt the reliability of the waterproof housing of the action camera, it’s expected. We did at first, too, until we tested it many times to be sure it worth our trust in this. Whenever you are taking it down the water, put on the waterproof case on it, and let it perform the wonder it advertises.

Asides the waterproof protecting it from water, it also adds to the durability of the action camera. To achieve this, you will have to add the waterproof case on it permanently.

It doesn’t protect it entirely, but it improves its durability. But, this doesn’t mean you have to rough handle or be careless with it.

Campark X20: Image Quality

As stated earlier, this action camera comes with the SONY sensor and 20MP, one of the reasons why we are highly impressed with it. It is recommendable to beginners and experts too. With the fact that it has an impressive design and its straightforward to navigate the menu.

You need to know the image quality of an action camera before buying it. Likewise, it’s ridiculous to compare the image capacity of an action camera that is less than $100 with the one at $200+.

Well, the image quality of The Campark X20 action camera is quite amazing and cool for beginners, especially. Experienced users may find it below their expectations because they are used to professional action cameras at a higher price.

The modes and features of The Campark X20 action camera

If you don’t have a drone that is capable of carrying an action camera like the HS700 Ophelia or the 3DR Solo. Then, the Campark X20 action camera can solve that problem for you.

This is because it is compatible with drones and still perform fantastically. You have to install the CamKing app on your mobile device to connect it remotely when you mount it on an action camera drone.

The modes of the Campark X20 action camera has tons of features like; motion detection, loop recording, time-lapse, underwater mode, and car mode.

Thanks to its smooth and intuitive to navigate all over the the menu. These modes can be used to make immersive and complete video coverage experience. With its price, it’s such a wonder.

  • It comes with a SONY sensor that offers excellent 20MP for high-quality images
  • Covers 4k videos at 30 frames in a second
  • It houses many fantastic features that make it flexible to use with many options
  • It comes with complete accessories like swimming kits, bicycle kits, and more.
  • It’s durable and portable to use for beginners
  • It’s not recommendable for experts

Bottom Line

Campark X20 action camera is one of the fantastic sports cameras that beginners can start with on their journey to be a pro.

Asides the fact that it’s affordable, it is as well durable with myriads of accessories and features. Plus, its bicycling and swimming accessories. It is very portable and has a lovely 4K resolution setting.

Finally, we can recommend this action camera to you, it has been tested, and it’s trusted. This is one of the best we have seen in the market so far, for beginners that need affordable action camera to learn with.

Campark X20 action camera is what you need to develop your video coverage and photography skill.

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