AKASO V50 Pro Native Review

AKASO V50 Pro Native

Here is a continuation of our drone and camera reviewing series, and we shall be discussing exclusively on the AKASO V50 Pro Native action camera today.

You should recall that we’ve talked about the Holy Stone F181G Drone and the UFO 4000 Mini Drone, we believe you have gotten all information you need about the two products. Without wasting much time, let’s dive into today’s business as we have so much to unveil to you about the AKASO V50 Pro Native Camera.

We shall be classifying this article into different segments which include few information about the product and manufacturers, features, pros, cons and our final conclusion.

Few Information About The Product And Its Manufacturer

Just as the name implies, AKASO V50 Pro Native Camera is one of the products manufactured and distributed by the AKASO company. It is currently in the list of products that are being chased by top drone flyers due to its great features and affordable price tag.

As much as the AKASO company is known as top action camera manufacturers, they are equally good makers of drones as we have seen massive touch of class and awesomeness in some of their previous products including A21 and A200.

As you would expect, the AKASO company are a step below well-known companies such as Holy Stone and DJI in the rung of drone-making companies, but they have a very respectable reputation when it comes to action cameras.

Features Of The Action Camera :

1. Uncompromising Image Quality

You are liable to capture clear images and uncompromising Video quality with this product as it deploys 4K HD resolution settings.

The action camera gives you an option to choose 1080p HD at 120 frame per-second for your video recording experience. This means you have a chance of creating world-class video footages. It also consists of 20MP camera lens which also add more class and value to your images and videos. That’s not all, the AKASO V50 Pro Native action camera offers you multiple options as regards to how you want your picture to appear based on your preferred angle view. You can decide to make you picture appear super wide, wide, medium or narrow, depending on your choice of sizes and lengths.

2. Awesome Design

We can’t help but talk about the product’s eye-catching outlook and design. The action camera consists of a back coating all around its framework which gives it more professional appearance. There is a spot or opening at the bottom of the camera where the battery is securely located. The AKASO company cover the battery with a very strong lid, which serves as protective shield for the battery whenever it’s in use.

3. USB-enabled Charging Port

The AKASO V50 Pro Native Action camera has a small port where you can charge the battery. Though almost all action cameras can boast of this feature, what makes this one different is its long-lasting ability. Nonetheless, you’ve got to be very cautious while charging the product because the port could get damaged if you mishandle it.

4. Beginner-friendly Feature

Despite being rated as one of the best professional action cameras in the world, the AKASO V50 Pro Native possesses some features which make it easy to use for beginners. Its tiny but highly responsive touch screen is a feature that enhances its ability to capture smart and clear pictures and videos. The 2-inches touch screen also makes the product very easy to use.

5. Large Capacity SD Card Enhancement

There is a slot where you can insert your micro SD card into the camera. The product supports SD card of about 64GB Class-10, which means you can save many videos and pictures on the camera.

6. HMDI Enhancement

With this feature, you can transfer files, documents, videos and pictures from the camera to your smartphone(s) and PC without stress. The camera has a HDMI port at the right side where you can connect it to your device in order to enjoy fast transfer of important data. This feature equally allows you to connect the action camera to your TV set for comfortable viewing experience.

7. Built-in Electronic Image Stabilization

The camera boasts of an effective Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) that consists of 6-axis gyroscope, which helps in detecting position and motion changes while taking your pictures. With this feature, you can capture images or record videos while moving because the 6-axis gyroscope has all it takes to annul every negative effects that tilting or shaking of camera could have on your photos.

8. Distortion Calibration

Do you want your images and videos look more attractive than they ought to be, or you want them to appear less attractive than normal? Whichever group you belong to, you must explore the feature. The distortion calibration helps you regulate video or picture’s level of distortion for a better quality outcome or result.

9. Built-in Wi-Fi

The camera has an in-built WIFI feature which allows you to connect it to your smartphone. However, you will need to download iSmart Pro+ app on your device before you can connect it to the AKASO V50 Pro Native action camera.


  • Enjoy Free Items: This product comes with awesome free gifts, including 1100mAh rechargeable batteries, wristband and a remote controller.
  • Water or any liquid substance won’t have negative effects on the AKASO V50 Pro Native Camera because it is an underwater camera.
  • It easily connects to the app on your smartphone for more enjoyment.
  • Captured images or recorded videos can be uploaded on social media platforms through your smartphone. Though, you must have an effective Wi-Fi connection.
  • It is affordable and cost-effective.
  • You can install it on your drone to improve your drone’s camera features.


  • Users experienced few cases of blurred pictures.
  • It was said by a verified user that the app requires intense lighting for perfect pictures.

Our Closing Remarks

It’s one thing to have an action camera, but it’s a different case to have a very effective camera that can carry out multiple functions. The AKASO V50 Pro Native camera is a very affordable product that possess all the traits you desire to see in a modern-day professional cameras.

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